Massage Tips | How to prepare for a massage



Tip 1 – Have a nice warm bath or shower before I arrive. This is a great way to start relaxing your muscles.

Tip 2 – Take some time out before and after your massage. Don’t plan anything! Just give yourself time to roll into the treatment and roll back   out the other side.

Tip 3 – Organise food before massage, the last thing you want to be doing is cooking afterwards.

Tip 4 – If you meditate, try meditating during your massage. This can make the experience even more powerful.

Tip 5 – Book early so that you get the exact time and date that you like.

Tip 6 – Make sure the room is nice and warm before I arrive so you are completely comfortable.

Tip 7 – Be honest with your therapist. Let me know exactly what it is you would like in your massage and the type of pressure you would like.

Tip 8 – Have a warm towelling robe or your favourite comfortable clothes to hand for ease of wear after your massage, you can then get directly to a place to relax immediatelyfollowing the massage.