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Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is the most common type of massage practised in the west today. It is frequently used in spas, and is often a good massage to choose if you haven’t experienced a massage before. Your therapist will use long, flowing, smooth strokes, combined with rhythmic kneading, tapping and frictions to the top layers of your muscles, as well as movements of the joints and gentle stretches. Swedish massage can be both relaxing, slow and gentle or energising, vigorous and stimulating. Your therapist will adjust the pressure, technique and style to meet your individual needs and preference.

Swedish massage is used to relax the entire body, it helps relieve pain and discomfort and can also leave you feeling refreshed and energised.  Only quality essential oils are used to ensure that you have a truly relaxing experience.

Benefits of a Swedish Massage include:

  • Pain Relief
  • Relaxation
  • Increased Circulation
  • Reduces Fatigue
  • Helps Depression and Anxiety

Stress can manifest itself as physical, emotional or spiritual discord, especially in today’s world where we do not give enough time to ourselves: time to rest, to heal and to repair. We always seem to be rushing and never stopping to listen to the warning messages our bodies send us.

Pain is the body’s last resort; it is a result of not listening to those warnings. By actually taking time out to regularly maintain our bodies by choosing to receive a massage, we are less prone to stress and illness. We service and MOT our cars, why not our bodies? After all, they have to last us a lifetime.

Swedish Full Body Massage:

Mobile Service
£4560 Mins

  • Swedish Massage
  • In Your Home

My Treatment Room
£3560 Mins

  • Swedish Massage
  • At My Treatment Room

Back, Neck & Shoulders:

Price Mobile
£3230 Mins

  • Back, Neck & Shoulders
  • In Your Home

My Treatment Room
£2230 Mins

  • Back, Neck & Shouders
  • At My Treatment Room

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